Online Registration

NOTE: If you are completing applications for both a player and a coach, they must be submitted separately. Please complete the player’s application and submit, then complete the coach’s application and submit.


If you are volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, scorekeeper, or any role that requires you be on the field or in the dugout, you must submit a volunteer application annually.  Please click here for more information.


By completing the registration process you are confirming you have read and will abide by the Powhatan Little League Code of Conduct:

Members of one team shall not ride, kid, heckle, poke fun at or in any other manner do anything that in the opinion of the umpire/coach distracts the opposing team. The penalty for violation of this rule shall be the removal of the guilty player, players, coach or parent from the game. Under no circumstance will it be OK or tolerated for parents, players, coaches or umpires to engage in behavior on or around the baseball field that in anyway is abusive toward another parent/coach/player or umpire. This includes but is not limited to inappropriate language, badgering, and physical contact such as striking another person. The penalty for first time violation of this rule will be removal of the guilty parent, player, coach or umpire from the game/field. Second time violators will face a 1 year suspension from attending or participating in Powhatan Little League events. Please help us maintain a fun safe environment for our children.