Little League Definition of a Season


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Following is the Little League definition of a season:

Powhatan Little League’s season begins in January and runs through the end of Fall Ball. The definition is in itself as Little League refers to it as the 2022 Little League Season, 2023 Little League Season, so forth and so on. You have several parts to one Little League Season. They are as follows:

1. Spring Play. This is normal Spring ball that runs through the first game all the way through the division play offs.
2. Tournament Play. This is All Stars when an All Star team for each division is selected and sent to begin competition in the District 5 All Star Tournament. This ends when said teams either are eliminated from Tournament Play or they advance all the way to the Little League World Series for their division.
3. Invitational Play. This happens after All Stars. League Posts in District 5 choose to host invitational tournaments for different age divisions. A team can be selected for this and sent to compete in a tournament at whichever league post is hosting the tournament. These tournaments ARE NOT for players that participated in the District All Star tournament. This is an Opportunity to give more players tournament experience.
4. Fall Play. Fall ball is the training and development part of our season. Some League Posts choose to use this part of their season to put on clinics for their players. PLL chooses to structure Fall Ball just like Spring Ball and play games just without the play offs. This is the time most players move up to their next division that they will be participating in the following Spring. This allows the players to get acclimated to said division, with more intense instruction and coaching, so they are more competitive the following Spring. The players achieve this in a real time game situation setting.

All four parts of this constitute ONE Little League Season. In December The Board of Directors begins the process of Charting teams and All administrative work building up to starting the Season in March, attending D5 meetings to plan with other League Posts, working out home schedules and Interleague Schedules, fundraising, contacting sponsors, purchasing equipment and game balls, planning on the reservation of fields, setting up evaluations and drafts, etc., begin at this time. There are not multiple “seasons” within one year. Officers for the Board of Directors are elected for a year or one season, not a set for Spring ball and a set for Fall Ball. Background checks for volunteers are good for on year or season. You don’t have to do a background check for Spring Ball and another one for Fall Ball. Chartering teams for the league is good for a year or one season. PLL charters teams in the Little League Database at the beginning of Spring Ball. It is not done again for Fall Ball. This dictates how much PLL pays for insurance for the entire year or season. Our insurance is good for one year or season, running out at the end of Fall ball.


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