All Star Expenses

PLL Families:

If players selected to an All Star Team win the district tournament and proceed on to the Stare tournament PLL is responsible to help with the burden of expenses. The formula PLL uses to reach the required expenses for this is to take the number of players, plus the number of coaches, and divide that number by four. PLL will then pick up the tab for these hotel rooms. For instance if you have 13 players and three coaches, PLL will pay the cost for four Hotel Rooms for the duration of the State Tournament. PLL does not pick up the tab for the hotel rooms for every parent. Little League is very explicit that a league’s Little League money is only used for Little League. This covers players, coaches, equipment, game balls, score books, uniforms, Little League league fees, Insurance for the League, and any dues that are directly required by Little League to help fund the district tournament. This is all PLL will cover for teams advancing to state tournament. With that being said teams are free to fund raise starting from the time they win the tournament all the way up to their report date for the State tournament. Any money raised for this belongs to the team and not PLL. Some examples for fund raising are Car washes, Donations, Go Fund Me pages, etc. if you receive Donations have Checks written to a representative from the team NOT PLL. This is the teams money, not PLL’s. If a Go Fund Me Page is used, Powhatan Little League’s name CANNOT be used in the page. This is a Little League condition. If Powhatan Little League’s name is used to solicit donations, those said donations have to go to Powhatan Little League. Again PLL DOES NOT cover lodging and accommodations for parents, only players and coaches. Per diem for food for players and coaches can be reached from the donations to the team. The money raised from the team by fundraising can be used any way deemed appropriate by the manager or said team representative that checks are written to.


PLL Board of Directors