Good morning Powhatan Little League baseball family. 

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to announce the date for our return to baseball!  PLL is standing hand and hand with Tuckahoe Little League in returning to our Spring/Summer season on June 10th! 

As you are probably aware Powhatan, along with the rest of Virginia excluding Richmond and Northern Virginia, entered Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan to reopen the state.  This allows the resumption of spring and summer youth sports.  By the Governor’s own statements, Phase 2 is to take 2 to 3 weeks and no longer that 4.  So far, each phase has been within the three week window.  PLL will restart our practices on June 10th.  There are some Phase 2 guidelines we must adhere to for this to happen and they will be laid out in an email following this one so please read it very carefully in its entirety. 

A return to baseball is not a decision PLL’s board of directors has taken lightly.  We have planned and discussed every possible scenario we could come up with, and if there was even the slightest discrepancy in the fact that we weren’t sure we could provide baseball safely for our players, coaches, and families, the vote would have been to pull the plug on our season.  We as the board are entrusted with the safety of all of PLL and do not take this lightly.  With that being said, we want to provide baseball as a relief to our players and families as we travel along the process of returning to normal.  Like stated before, there are some Phase 2 guidelines we have to adhere to so it will not be a flip the switch process to normal, it will be a gradual return. 

We as a board appreciate you sticking with us through this process as we have had numerous meetings with District 5 staff, local government officials, Parks and Rec. department, and have even participated in lobbing the Governor’s office to make this happen.  Again, everyone’s safety is our top priority!  The safety plan will be going out this afternoon, posted on our website, and posted on our Facebook page.  League directors begin reaching out to your coaches, Coaches begin to reach out to your teams, and Let’s Play Ball!


Kris Tomlin


Powhatan Little League